Two apps can bypass "Ask to connect"

I just activated Glasswire for the first time yesterday. I turned on the ask to connect feature, and it was cool it see how many programs I have never even seen trying to connect and asking if I wanted to allow it… However I noticed that there were two executables that just had a popup of “first network connection”, without even asking me if I wanted to block it or not. They were NOT system processes, as I am aware that those cannot be blocked. The processes in question are OpenVPN and Wireguard, particularly the ones provided by ProtonVPN. What is confusing me further is that one of them was just put on the unblocked list automatically but the other one was put on the blocked list automatically, again without any prompts to ask me which one I wanted them on. However, even if I tried to block both (just for testing purposes to see what is going on), they both could actually still send network data even while blocked. Now I don’t mind that these were let through since I know what they are and I trust them, I’m just worried that malicious apps could do this and somehow bypass the Ask to connect feature.

The next app is NVidia container. This one actually asked me if I wanted to block it. I blocked this because I don’t know why my GPU drivers would need to connect to the internet. While blocked it is still somehow able to send data. I can see it on the graph.

Does anyone have any idea why this was able to happen? I did in fact check the reset firewall to default when installing GW.

Sorry for the issue. We will see if we can reproduce the problem.

Does this post help?

Meanwhile, do you use any other firewall software, or have you used any recently?

Hi thanks for the reply. I tried reinstalling glasswire and resetting firewall using the steps provided in that link, I am still seeing the same behavior. I don’t have another firewall installed.

Is our firewall set to “on”? It’s off by default because some people prefer to use GlassWire only for network monitoring.

Yes, the firewall is set to On. It is able to block every app I denied when it ask to connect pops up. It’s just those apps I mentioned are able to ignore it.

Thanks, we’ll investigate and try to reproduce the issue.