UI glitch showing incorrect outgoing traffic

The outgoing traffic didn’t add up correctly.

My outgoing traffic was 3.6Mb in total but displayed 9.6Mb

Hi are you talking about the security traffic vs the traffic leaving the apps themselves, yes if you want a more accurate readout of everything leaving your computer going to to the Internet, worldwide vs only what is leaving one particular host then goto the Security tab in Glassswire app, to get a readout of everything that leaving your computer and coming into it world wide including all the other hosts connected to apps on your PC or server PC

I recommend Glasswire to everyone who owns or operates a server because of anomaly traffic detection that can also even tell you when you have a hidden malware attachment to one of your PC processes.

I don’t know exactly what the outgoing traffic measured by GW corresponds to. It is probably what is written on the ports.

As a FW can block the output to the internet I think that this blocked part of the traffic is not taken into account by GW (FYI I use another FW than GW’s).

I find the default firewall combined with Glasswire’s firewall enough for my public radio station server, I use glasswire to secure my server from most common hidden malware attacks that would enter that system otherwise without Glasswire,

and to monitor my outgoing encoder traffic, it also helps to enable the hidden ransomware protection feature on windows 10 for that extra security cushion and to keep running anti malware scanners constantly. I server 1000’s of clients daily. I do have an exterior host that handles most of the work though but Glasswire helps a ton with keep up to date with how many listeners I currently have tuned into my 24/7 charity broadcast. here is more details about it.


thank you for your informative reply Katie :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you updated if anything changes the way I use glasswire is I look at the bandwith of my broadcasting app under the SECURITY portion of glasswire and then click on the app and look at how much data is going outward towards my host, I calculate listeners on my 64k stream by deviding whatever the outgoing data under SECURITY is showing me for my broadcasting app to my host. I devide whatever data is going outward by 512 Kilobytes per listener and determine my listeners minus 1 connection for the data going only to my host comptuter.

in which for some reason they tell me they cannot see any connections to my server at all on their end. and their my host, yet I for some reason I can see lots of them it. But they won’t install Glasswire on their computers so maybe that is why they can;t see what I see

Note: If you are reading this and own a 128kilobit per second Stream you need to devide the data trasfer rate as 2.1MB megabyte per listener and if all your data transfer rate is telling you under SECURITY in Glasswire is only 2.1/MB then you got nobody tuned into your broadcast at that moment in time.


a 64k stream 24/7 takes about 687.8MB a day and about 21GB - 22GB of data a month even without a single listener

8 kilobits = 1 Kilobyte

1000 Kilobytes = 1 Megabyte
1000 Megabyes = 1 Gigabyte
1000 Gigabyes = 1 Terabyte