Unable to activate subscription please

I purchased a year license in the EU portal, as I’m from Australia, it’s natural to choose UK English.
Now when I go to sign into Glasswire to authenticate subscription, it’s defaulting to US login portal, and I can’t change it to EU from dropdown as it’s missing on sign in to activate subscription portal.
So I go to login to US and my license/sub isn’t there as it’s in the EU portal.
I can’t activate premium as a result.
I can’t create a license key.
Please help! Very frustrating.

I’m a network admin, I’ve literally been trying to solve this 30mins.

Hello Nimble_Nerds, sorry I can’t help you with that. You will have to go to help@glasswire.com.

Hi @Nimble_Nerds,

This can happen on a rare occasion, to resolve, the Device Id must be reset.

  1. Stop GW service via the task manager.
  2. Run regedit.exe and remove CloudDeviceId parameter at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GlassWire|
  3. Restart GW service.


I have also tried this method, it doesn’t work at all. plz help

Hello @Nimble_Nerds , You have to reboot your computer after making changes to your registry. Hope that helps. :grinning:

Doesn’t work.issue is with the glasswire. When I input gmail email it redirects me to EU portal and other emails Redirect to US portal by default. Basically product is faulty and such terrible service that they don’t even respond.

Hi @btcking51

I do believe that out CS have replied to your emails. If you continue to have any problems our team will be able to help.


Hi Katie, thanks for your advice on removing the registry entry. Unfortunately, the sign in portal has still defaulted to the US login, where it doesn’t give the option to change to EU sign in. Is it possible to be issued with an acitvation key to enter please? I still am unable to use your software.

I m facing similer issue but support isn’t providing any working solution.
If you input any gmail address in email will redirect to the EU portal even signup redirect to the EU. As usual we can’t change our email after signup.

Hi @Nimble_Nerds,

So sorry you are facing this issues. After some investigation I can see that you created 2 accounts, one in the EU cell and One in the US cell. Therefore, the apps is defaulting to the wrong cell. I have now deleted the account which did not have the paid subscription. Please can you no reset the device ID and try again.



As above, we have found the same for your account. You had created an account in both the EU and the US cell with the same email address. I have deleted the redundant account.

Please proceed to reset the device ID and it should now connect to the correct portal.


Thank you so much. the problem has been solved. btw i was not aware i have created US acccount too. My apologies