Unable to Activate Subscription

If you are unable to activate your subscription of any type, I have a simple solution to attempt first rather than all the other debugging processes and forum threads.

First, type and verify the license code into any text editor or interface. Verify input. Lastly, copy and paste the code into the program on the activation window. Assuming no syntax errors or typing errors, this will jar the program to allow the activate button to be clicked.

In one VM test I was able to activate / deactivate either by manual input or copy and paste.
However, on another computer, physical, I was only able to activate via the copy-paste method.

The above assumes you’re not using incompatible software, your current firewall allows all outbound connections by default, and your current AV isn’t mis-flagging the software as suspicious.

I have purchased the top level subscription, got a key, which worked (for a time) but within a week or so is no longer valid. Emails to Glasswire with a copy of the invoice showing my payment have been ignored for the past three days, of course no contact information to talk to a human. So perhaps the problem with activation codes is more than text format but with Glasswire invalidating paid subscription codes as is my case.

I’m making a few assumptions:
#1 You emailed activation @ glasswire . com
#2 You purchased ELITE
#3 Glasswire team does’t work on US weekends, aka Saturday and Sunday and only expect a response at minimum once per 24 hours of first email during business days.

Q1: How many nodes were you able to successful install on?
Q2: How many nodes are you not able to install on?
Q3: In your email to them did you include the required information, license key at minimum?
Q4: Did you check your junk email? I noticed weather Outlook or Gmail, their emails go to junk for some reason by default and I have to make rules to allow.

Do know I share your same first impression about the activation process being hairy.

Also big emphasis on gecko’s comment on the firewall rules. I could not activate my subscription without a rule for activate.glasswire.com. Make sure your firewall and any proxies have this set.

Sorry for the issue. I checked our helpdesk and show we replied, then I saw that you replied again unless I somehow mixed you up with someone else? But the email is the same… Maybe you forgot somehow, or our latest reply went into spam? I hope everything is OK now.