Unable to reach servers

Hello, I’m working on a Windows 10 laptop. I recently installed GlassWire for traffic monitoring. Some time after that, I tried to establish remote access to the computer using Splashtop, I failed and got the message “Unable to reach Splashtop servers”. Can you tell me if GlassWire could be the reason for this?

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Hi! I don’t believe GlassWire could have caused this error.
Here are a few steps to try and resolve this error:
Run the checking tool to ensure your network firewall is not blocking access.
Make sure that port 443 is open for all traffic, including non-SSL.
Ensure that the following Splashtop processes are not blocked:
Restart your router.
Verify that your computer’s date and time are accurate. Incorrect time settings can affect communication with many cloud servers.
You can find more information available here How to resolve Splashtop not working issues: A troubleshooting guide 2023

I had this today too (for the first time)

Restart your PC