Understanding usage

I have your free version and am trying to use it to understand data usage so I can see where I am using it. When I look at the usage tab under the monthly time frame I see total usage of 12.2GB but when I try to see where I am using that data it shows under the apps column that 8.4GB was used for host process for windows services. What does that mean?

I use Think or Swim which is a stock trading program which streams data and it shows I used 860.2MB which doesn’t seem like enough. Could it be that the data is coming in at another level so I don’t see it. I am not a geek so I may not be explaining it correctly.

Another question is I use Windows 10 and it’s usage shows about 4GB for the month and glasswire shows about 12GB so I seem to have that same 8 that I am confused about.



The host process for Windows is explained on Howtogeek https://www.howtogeek.com/269307/what-is-host-process-for-windows-tasks-and-why-are-so-many-running-on-my-pc/.

It’s possible some of the Think or Swim traffic could be through the host process I guess, I’m not familiar with that software or how it works.

Windows shows local and external data, so perhaps Windows is showing external data only. Change the GlassWire view under the “Usage” tab at the left side where it shows “options” with the pull-down menu.