Unidentified Traffic

Windows 7 HP SP1 x64
Glasswire Free

I am running Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 with its firewall and as such the Windows Firewall is, of course, off as required (as well I have set its service, MpsSvc, to disabled).

Under Usage, traffic is listed as Unidentified Traffic.

Under a “default” Windows 7 environment (i.e. Security Essentials and Windows Firewall), the traffic type is listed as HTTP, HTTPS, email protocols, etc. etc.

Is the Unidentified Traffic result the expected behavior for my setup? (That would be OK.) If not, how would I get GlassWire to display the traffic types?

Otherwise, no other issues; GlassWire rocks.

Thank you!

We’re working on making a new “Network Security Monitor” mode for people who want to use third party firewalls besides GlassWire. That way the user can choose to disable the firewall tab completely if they don’t want it.

I guess maybe Bitdefender is running all network traffic through itself? If so this probably blocks us from seeing the traffic types unfortunately.

Thanks for fast reply. Yes, BDIS blows everything through the local loopback so that pretty much confirms Unidentified Traffic. No big deal; just wanted to make sure before setting out to fix something that don’t need fixin’.

Good idea on the monitor spin-off.

Actually, I find the Firewall tab extremely useful, Windows Firewall or not - all in one scrollable view… active, idle and inactive connections. As well, to test/investigate something I can remove it and wait/watch for a First Activity alert - very handy for developing strategies for pesky Windows phone home stuff, especially in 10.

Not want the Firewall tab? Not. Hardly a day of computing goes by not checking in with GlassWire and that tab is consulted quite often. (BTW, the Security tab features and Alerts work splendidly.)

Rename the Firewall tab to “Connected,” remove the Firewall toggle and block buttons and make the Inactive Apps bar non-collapsible (not hide the apps). That’s all you need to do to make the tab monitor-only IMHO.



I un-installed GW and purged the system of all related folders and registry items and re-installed.

There is no more Unidentified Traffic under any Traffic Type column but the usual types fully represented (HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, SNMP, etc. etc. etc.).

Just reporting… No reply expected.

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So, how goes the Network Security Monitor? Thanks.

We released a GlassWire update last week, please upgrade.

Thanks. I did update to 1.2.76 on the 21st.

Network Security Monitor isn’t mentioned on your /changes page. Which is why I asked.

Other than disabling the firewall tab, is there more to it? What does it “do” for/with the Bitdefender firewall?

How do you disable the firewall tab, BTW? Not that I want to.


GlassWire itself is a network security monitor. Go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “settings” then click “security” to see the optional network security monitoring notifications and features.

That’s interesting you asked about disabling the GlassWire firewall and using another because with 2.0 we’re going to offer a network security monitor mode that allows you to do just that.

GlassWire cannot work with third party firewalls that disable the built in Windows firewall.

Well, now I’m really befuddled.

Up there on Feb 10 you mentioned a “new Network Security Monitor” and “the user can choose to disable the firewall tab completely.”

I had thought to mention, but didn’t want to clutter the discussion, I run GW on four systems. Paid on a Win7, free on another Win7 (those with Bitdefender) and a Win10-1151 and another 1607, both Windows Defender and Firewall.

I’m pretty much squared away on the Settings and the third-party firewall thing. :+1: Thanks.


Sorry for any confusion. Yes, we’re working on a new network security monitor mode for GlassWire. This is the normal GlassWire software, but you change a setting and it causes the Firewall tab to disappear so GlassWire functions only as a network security monitor. You can then choose to use a third party firewall if you prefer.