Unknown device on my network

I just did a scan through “Things” and it reported an additional device, AzureWave Technology. What is it doing there, how did it get there and how can I block it? TIA

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I searched around and it appears this name could be associated with Chromecast devices, or maybe Playstations. Do you have either one of those things? I think they are the manufacturer for those items.

As far as blocking it, if you are sure it should not be there you should probably reset your WiFi password on your network since your network is no longer secure.

If anyone new is reading this, GlassWire is a network monitoring application that can show you what devices are on your network, plus it can show what apps/hosts are using all the data on your device.

You can try GlassWire for free here to learn about unknown devices on your network.

Azurewave make WiFi components for computers and IoT devices.

The device is more likely to be a computer because it has the credentials to access your WiFi network and you’d probably remember giving access to a light bulb or toaster.

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The only things I have on the network are 2 laptops. They have been on all day but I just checked and azure is no longer listed. Both laptops use the same VPN but those devices are accounted for on the list. I’m perplexed. Could it have been some device that gained access, then left?


If you press “scan” to scan manually does the device reappear?

A manual scan is how I discovered it in the first place. I just scanned before writing this and it’s not there. I have 2 laptops running and both of them are Identified by their names.

If it was me I’d probably just reset my WiFi to have a new password just to be safe.

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I agree. It’s a good idea. Thanks for your help.


Is it maybe your router? I believe I used to have one that showed up as AzureWave.


I doubt it because I’ve been using the same router for some time now and it always identifies itself as NETGEAR.

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I have an Azurewave Technologies device on my network and it is a Google Chromecast streamer.

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This comes up on my wifi too, I have a chromecast but that comes up as TV stick… Im perplexed… Could it be a wireless headset my son uses on his ps4?


What exact name does it show for you within GlassWire?

I think most headsets to access the network (besides just Bluetooth) so they will not show up at all in GlassWire.

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This technology is similar to USB. It is utilized in many wireless alarms. I have one which was provided to me by my insurance as package. My system is called NOTION, but I’m sure every company can private label under different name.

So i just rest my Wi-Fi password and i log my phone back into the Wi-Fi go to the Wi-Fi settings add ps4 and the name changed to AzureWave device so i go into my settings and block it . had my ps4 on YouTube app . my phone can link to the ps4 YouTube app thu my phones YouTube app . when i did shut it off , it logged me out of YouTube on ps4. but ps4 still had internet access did not show up on wifi scan . weird hope it help someone

Anche a me è apparso. Nel mio caso è la 2 scheda di rete della mia ps4

Yes, I have seen others report it’s a PlayStation 4 also. It’s most likely that device. Thanks!

This showed up on my network after adding a new chromebook. I believe they make the WiFi Card/NIC in some chromebooks.

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Thanks @spICyM! It’s good to know all the AzureWave devices out there.