Unusal Updates for windows 10 pro

Is anybody having updates from windows 10 Pro almost every day? I just updated my Glasswire to the latest version 2.3.449. Here’s a screenshot.

I don’t know about everyday, but those MS entries usually only trigger the log when they access the network as an updated version for the first time, even though the updates themselves may have occurred days or weeks earlier.

And Windows 10 does seem to have an endless supply of services and endless scheduled tasks, LOL!

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Only Edge is an update “from Windows 10 Pro.”

The browser agent and maintenanceservice.exe and pingsender.exe are Firefox services, so you have a total of four updates for Firefox.

Both Edge and Firefox just recently released the updates shown.

Glasswire is listed since, as you say, you updated it.

It appears to me you have updates set for automatic (aka background) so you will be getting these alerts on a routine basis and for anything else that’s automatic. Like your games.


Thanks Peter, Will check it out.

Thanks for your info

It can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, right? Just downloaded the latest GlassWire version (2.3.449), and wow, it’s a lifesaver! Keeping an eye on our networks is crucial, and GlassWire makes it a breeze. Plus, it’s a free download, which is a sweet deal.