Update Info for All, & one of my suggestions!

Hi All,
I am looking to impart some information.
I am not too sure if I have put this in the right category on the forum,but here it goes…

Since I updated my GlassWire Software Version 2.3.363 - (November 3, 2021)
On the following day of booting up my PC it offered me the same update again.
Also, it has managed to Flip Flop between Dark Mode and standard mode.
These are all very miner things.

 I would like a greater choice of colour in Themes for my Graph.

A colour wheel would be nice, so everyone could have whatever was their favorite choice of colour?
I personally I was looking for post box red and a very deep brown!
Thank you .

Thanks for your feedback on the color wheel idea!

For the error you’re getting, that’s quite strange! We will try to reproduce this so we can fix it. I apologize for the problem.

I hope if someone else has these issues they will also respond to this thread. Thanks!

Thank you Ken,
I do have an update!
It appears that the repeat message
to update GlassWire Software Version 2.3.363
every time it restarted has stopped thankfully!
It must have taken 4 or 5 restarts of the PC
before it ceased displaying this message.
Strange? but all is good now…
Thank You

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