Update to 2.2.201 not working on Windows 7

I have the Basic subscription and trying to update to latest version (2.2.201), when I’ve tried this the last two times, I’ve had to check “Clean Install” for it to work on my Windows 7 - however this time that won’t work either, wonder what you could suggest try next? Your minimum specification does say it includes W7 - this is what I have done so far:-

  1. Tried to install 2.2 over 2.1 - hangs at “Installing Microsoft Runtime Libraries”
  2. Tried again to install 2.2. this time checking “Clean Install” - hangs at the same place.
  3. Performed System Restore - reboot - 2.1 would not connect to network
  4. Uninstalled 2.1 - reboot
  5. Tried to install 2.2. clicking “Clean Install” - hangs again at “Installing Microsoft Runtime Libraries”
  6. Backtracked to download and install 2.1 - got that to work.

Is there anything else I should have tried?

Geoff Morley

Have you tried upgrading to Windows 10 using the Update Assistant or Media Creation Tool?

This may resolve underlying issues that it sounds like your Windows 7 install may be experiencing.

Keep in mind that Windows 7 support ended January 14, 2020. That means you will no longer receive any more important updates/patches to security issues and other beneficial fixes.


Is it possible to run Windows update on that Windows 7 installation? Or have you already done so? If you do that it should solve the issue.

Ah shame, you’re struggling to find reasons as well Ken, yes WU already done - just wondering if this latest version of Glasswire was ever fully tested on a W7 environment, with so many avoiding upgrading to W10? It does say it is W7 supported.

Thanks Tarun, because Microsoft ceased providing WU doesn’t mean that’s the end of W7, most other software providers continue to support W7 as many users are avoiding W10 due to it’s extended bloatware & other issues.
It’s also not as easy as you imply to upgrade from W7 to 10, the system requirements are a lot different. Thanks anyway.


Our QA tested with Windows 7. The most common issue is that people will refuse to run Windows update. Windows 7 without updates is missing some things we need for GlassWire to function properly so to solve it please try to get the latest service pack if possible.

Really it depends on the device though… but almost every time I have suggested people update Windows 7 it solves the issue.

that’s interesting you are convinced Windows Updates have been the problem in the past for Glasswire not working on W7 - which update(s) specifically did you find that needed to have been installed, then I will check that mine has been updated with that - I was under the impression my system is fully updated so will be useful to check for specific updates.


I would say at least SP1, but if you’re going to run Windows 7 why not install the final service pack?

The problem here is that yes, it is the end for Windows 7. No more support means no more updates from Microsoft. That means your computer, and others on your network, will be at risk when your computer gets infected by malicious software and spreads it to others on the network. It can then snowball from there. Many famous worms spread because of the same reasons - people using out of date, unsecure, unsupported Operating Systems. Sadly, I’ve seen people clinging to Windows 9x and complaining about how software (web browsers are a great example) is evolving and they’re left behind because they’re not up to date.

As I mentioned, try upgrading using the Update Assistant or Media Creation Tool.

Not only is it free, your issue will more than likely be resolved, your PC will no longer be vulnerable and at risk, and you’ll extend the life of your machine by getting important security updates and so forth. I wouldn’t be surprised if your computer performs better too! I’ve seen performance improvements happen to lots of former Windows 7/8 computers.

If you need help upgrading just ask, it’s quite an easy process.

Thanks again Tarun, unfortunately in steering the conversation away from W7 and onto W10, you are distracting from my main problem of the latest version of Glasswire (2.2) being incompatible with W7. Good to find a fan of W10 though, there’s not many of those about :slight_smile:


GlassWire 2.2 is compatible with Windows 7 and our QA tested it before the software was ever released.

It appears there is something happening with your computer though.

If you’d like a logging version of GlassWire we could send you one if you want to email us.

But please run Windows Update at least once with your PC before contacting us because it usually solves this issue almost every time. Otherwise you will be wasting our time, because we have already suggested a fix.

Didn’t you read my first response Ken - I said then that my Windows Updates were up to date, still thank you anyway.

Ah shame, you’re struggling to find reasons as well Ken, yes WU already done

It’s unlikely we could find the issue unless we send you a logging version. We can then find the cause for you.

We’ll have an update out next week. Please try it. If it does not solve your issue with a clean install please email us and I can provide a logging version.

Please also check this.

Why can’t GlassWire connect to its local server and why won’t GlassWire’s graph load?

GlassWire for Windows has a local Windows service that runs locally on your PC. This Windows service keeps track of your network activity for your PC or server. If that Windows service cannot start then GlassWire cannot graph your data usage.

Please note your graph data never leaves your PC, and we at GlassWire cannot ever access that data since it’s only stored locally on your own PC or server. Our privacy policy explains how we can’t ever see your data.

If you are experiencing this problem first try rebooting your PC. If GlassWire still cannot run please uninstall GlassWire in add/remove programs, then reboot your PC (this is an important step in the process), then reinstall GlassWire while checking its “clean install” option in its installer. You can download our latest software from our download page.

If GlassWire’s graph will still not load please check to see if the following Windows services are running in the Windows task manager:

  • WlanSvc (WLan AutoConfig)
  • BFE (Base Filtering Engine)
  • EventLog (Windows Event Log)

These Windows services are usually on by default unless you disabled them. If you find these services are running but GlassWire will still not run please consider running Windows Update. With very old versions of Windows GlassWire may not run properly. After updating your device please once again try a clean install with GlassWire in the order listed above.

You’re being directed towards not only a fix, but better security for your computer. You’re interested in GlassWire - which means you care about security. Updating your OS which is free to do so should also be in your best interests. It should also resolve your problems.

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Good advice, but please be aware that upgrading older machines can be problematic. Even Microsoft suggests buying a new computer pre-loaded with Windows 10 for the best experience.

My previous computer is going to be 10 years old this year. I was able to upgrade it to Windows 10 no problem, along with an old Acer laptop (have to verify the model) and it works well enough for how old it is. In fact, it runs better running Windows 10 than it did running Windows 7.

I don’t update. It is a problem?

What Ken is saying is that it might prevent you from installing Glasswire on your computer.