Update will not start service

Hey and Hallo

i have updated to the Latest Version of Glaswire, and after Install the Service will not start, so i have reinstall it without , and clean install and now i have no database !! Wat is the database file ? so i can export or import by myself …

Thx 4 info


Are you seeing any .dmp files on your desktop?
If so can you email them to us?

Do you use a third party uninstaller (separate from Add/Remove programs)?

^Better read the FAQ i have all , Wat i got !! THX 4 very fast support

Hey Ken Thx 4,

I want to show some customer this Firewall alternative to the other, how munch cost a unlimited Business (for 50 Clients; and 51 - 100 etc.) Version and have you a Reseller Version ? and i would like to be a Tester …

Sorry 4 my bad English but my spain or German will be better ?

Greetings from Berlin /Germany !!