Updated to 2.2.258 - all settings gone

Hi just a heads up for anyone planning to update to the latest 2.2.258… be ready for it to change mode from ask to connect to click to block and for all your defined applications to be gone

sigh! (same on 3 computers so not a one off!)

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Sorry for the issue. Our QA and I myself am unable to recreate this. Did you download our “Lite” version or our normal version of GlassWire?

Go to our top left menu and choose “About” to confirm your version.

Also, please confirm what you mean by “all your defined applications to be gone” so I can be sure I understand.


Our team is currently trying to reproduce this and can’t do so. Could you confirm what version of GlassWire you had previously before this latest one was installed? It will help their investigation.

Hi Ken, whatever the last build was before this one (i stay up to date but not sure of the exact number)

i ran through upgrade, then opted to keep my settings

after it launched, all of the defined applications i had that were set to block/allow had vanished and i had to start all over again allowing/blocking applications

also the mode had changed from “ask to connect” to “Click to block”
My license had stayed in place and it was still activated

thsi happened on my 3pc’s (2 laptops 1 desktop all windows 10x64 build 2004)

(also it was the “full version” not lite)


Are you sure you did not check our “clean install” option in the installer by mistake? We just installed this version over our previous version and it kept our settings and block list intact. Here is how it looks for our team.

Also, we made no changes to the firewall between these versions.

Do you use any other firewall software?

Hi ken, no the only oprion i chose was to “run at startup” all other checkboxes were cleared

no other firewall (apart from hardware in router)

it couldnt of done a clean install, as my preferences/theme/license all remained the only things was ALL applications had gone from the list and the firewall mode changed from “ask to connect” to “click to block”

same issue on 3 machines…

no problem only took 20mins or so to sort it out, just hope it doesnt affect anyone else


Is it possible you checked the reset firewall box? Perhaps you thought it said you should check it to keep the firewall settings, but instead you checked it by mistake?

We will see if we can improve the description for these options in the future if that’s the case.

If you’re sure you didn’t check the box we’ll keep working to try to reproduce this. It’s especially strange because we didn’t make any changes to the firewall with this update.

All of my firewall blocked app settings are gone. THIS IS NOT GOOD!!! Come on now. This is on 2 machines, this type of error is not acceptable, sorry, this is a dangerous mess up.


Can you confirm you’re using the full GlassWire version, or are you using GlassWire Lite if you go to our top left menu and choose “About”?

Yes Full version on both PCs. I didnt select to clear my firewall during install.

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Thanks @Anjoland

Our team is currently investigating how this could happen because between this version and our latest we haven’t made any changes to the firewall part of GlassWire so it’s quite a mystery. Also, we do full quality assurance testing between versions of course and we always test the upgrade process.

Are those settings saved some where, if I go back to the version I had before will it bring those settings back. I am extremely upset right now.


You should be upset and I apologize. It’s unacceptable for you to lose your settings and we’re trying to find how it could happen.

Unfortunately this is a completely new unexplained issue we have never seen before so we’re working hard to find a solution, and I don’t have an answer yet.


I am working with our team currently.

They asked if you could confirm what exact version of GlassWire you had previously? Was it our latest public version before this latest one?

Our change list is here if it’s helpful https://www.glasswire.com/changes/.

@Anjoland @krevvy

Could you guys send me a screenshot of the folders you see here? It will help us diagnose the issue.

If you want to send it to me privately just click my name in the forum, or email it to me and include a link to this forum post so I know what it’s about. https://www.glasswire.com/contact/

I upgraded to 2.2.241, but that had the issue of devices not appearing on the Things tab, so I went back to
2.2.210. So I upgraded from 2.2.210 to 2.2.258.

That directory has 3 sub folders. Service, Service-Full and Share.

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Forgot also has, service.backup_2020.10.06-09.52.01 and service.backup_20200530_225348

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The info is shared with our team, very useful, thanks! Again I apologize.

For the heck of it, I added some items to the blocked apps and I reinstalled the program and sure enough it wiped out all of the just added blocked apps.

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