Updating Glasswire on Windows

I’m currently running GlassWire version 2.2.304 on Windows 10, and found out from the GlassWire blog that version 2.3.318 is now available. What’s the recommended way to update GlassWire? Is it advised that users uninstall the old version of GlassWire before installing the new version? Or can users install the new version on top of the current version (after exiting the GlassWire program)?

(I searched the forum for similar queries, but the results that I found were largely from years past, so I thought I’d ask this in a new topic.)


Thanks for using GlassWire.

To update, first download our latest installer Download Firewall Software by GlassWire. Next double click the installer and install it over your current version of GlassWire. No uninstall should be necessary.

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