Usage report, metered conections

I just bought glasswire to help with my monitoring of two metered and different companies wifi accounts that I use at home.
How can I differentiate one wifi’s usage from the other? All I see is one ‘total’ when I look at the usage chart even though I switched to another different connection using a different wifi?

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Thanks for purchasing GlassWire.

Unfortunately it isn’t possible for GlassWire to keep different data records on different devices or WiFi networks but we’ll see if it’s possible to add that functionality in the future. I want to be sure I understand your question though.

When you join a different WiFi network you want to be able to count that data separately with our bandwidth overage monitor?


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Yes, that would be good. I have two subnets at home, let alone where I may carry my laptop (or thinking ahead – my tablet, my phone, gee what possibilities :<). This would add a lot of work and a lot of overhead for Glasswire, but what a feature!

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