Use GlassWire with a common password between Windows common users

Hi GlassWire team.

First i want to congratulate to you for the excellent work performed for make GlassWire, it is awesome.

Second, i would like that GlassWire has a new feature (for the free version), so first i want to say you my particular case, that i think that it must be a tipical case:

a) For use of all family, I have a PC with Windows and with several users, and only a user is administrator of Windows system.

b) Such configuration is recomended by Microsoft and many others companies of security, due to several security reasons, between them, prevent the spread of virus in the system, ie, in the folders: “Windows” and “programs files”.

c) Not all users have the knowledge for configure this firewall correctly.

My Suggestion:

I believe that GlassWire will be better can run in all users, but with a common password for modify his settings, of this mode, nobody will can modify it incorrectly.

This is the only issue that i have for making the decision to install GlassWire in my computer, and install it in several PCs of my customers for the home.

Awaiting your prompt reply, i say see you soon.

Best regards

Nobody answer…Use GlassWire with a common password between Windows common users

Thank you for your post. I’m sorry we missed the post before somehow.

Can you explain more what you mean? Do you mean that GlassWire is not working properly for non-admin users? If so how do you expect GlassWire to work for admin vs non-admin users?

Hello Ken, and thank you for your reply.

I think “Glasswire” should be like “Kaspersky antivirus”, ie, all users of the same PC can see all in “Glasswire”, but nobody can make a modification unless they have the administrator password of “Glasswire”

Of this mode, my family not will be able to do modification in the firewall that endangering the PC and his data.

Only by this reason is that i don’t install “Glasswire” in my PC, and in all PCs of my customers.

Moreover, If you can add such feature, on my part, i promise that i will change this habit, i will install and I will recommend this wonderful Firewall to everyone.

Waiting be more clear, i say see you soon.
Best regards
Cesar Peschiera


Thanks for your feedback. We’ll try to add this functionality in the future.

Ok, and please, let me to do a question:
Can you notify me when such feature be applied in Glasswire?

Best regards
Cesar Peschiera