Use of Elite License to Activate Mobile


Love the app and hence supporting you guys by buying the elite version. However, I do wish I can use the same elite version activation code to activate mobile app.

I understand google might of have placed some restrictions in place but why not offer an additional app called “Glasswire Unlocker” (a lot of other app use external unlocker) which you can purchase for 0.01$. After you run it, it asks for your elite activation code and after it confirms a valid code, unlocks the app. This way all elite users are happy & for other people you can continue to offer the subscription model

If this approach or any other approach you guys are attempting to offer free activation for elite users does not have an ETA, please offer some kind of alternative.


Thanks for your feedback and support!

I have actually never heard of an “unlocker” app like this. Please message me an example so I can check it out (please click my nickname). I find it hard to believe Google or Apple would allow something like this, but perhaps I’m mistaken.

The reason App stores like Google Play or Apple require you to buy their software through them is because they want their 30% cut of the sale because they must operate the app store using their own resources.

Spotify recently filed a complaint about Apple for this reason

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the prompt response. There are multiple apps out there that sell unlocker separately, for e.g.
PowerAMP Music Player:Not allowing to post link
PowerAMP Unlocker: search on play store.

The internal feature of the unlocker app can be separate from the one that the above app is using but this is to just get an idea.
How the unlocker works depends on your application, hence, the suggestion: After you run it, it asks for your elite activation code and after it confirms a valid code, unlocks the app

Another app:

Titanium Backup Unlocker: no link. search for TitaniumBackupPro
Description: No icon! Requires the Titanium Backup (free) app (see “More” section below). This key will turn it into PRO.

I understand google might a minimum limit and 0.01$ is something only google can offer. But I believe that limit is 0.99$ (please correct me if i am wrong). So why not offer an unlocker for 0.99 that then checks for elite code and voila :smiley:

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I got your message, thank you. I will discuss with our team.

We don’t want to get banned from Google Play and even if your intentions are good Google will still ban you if you violate the spirit of their rules. Also, just to be clear I do think Google does deserve to get paid for their hard work supporting Google Play and we don’t want to take from them.