Using Glasswire To Help Protect Your Server

Occasionally on my glasswire computer I get random incoming firewall attempts from Microsoft Edge, Google Maps, Weather (etc) and this is a random occurrence and according to Glasswire it blocks the incoming connection and some of these connections don’t even have a valid signature certificate, yet some of the Glasswire users trust them, while I continue to block them regardless.

And no they don’t come after a restart but rather in the middle of my live server up time, I am glad I have Glasswire to protect me from these hidden connection attempts from unsigned certificates. Also I use the windows ransomware protection on all of my running apps on this server and running files to give it even more security, and constantly run anti malware and disk cleanup manual processes too. while cleaning out the %temp% folder

I am not saying I am hack proof but I don’t run a business or anything either. I find that the current Microsoft protection combined with Glasswire is enough, as long as you don’t leave the popular server unattended for days and days or even hours

What does the community have to say about this? Is what I’m doing enough to keep my server running? it’s a 24/7 live licensed music steaming server