Using Glasswire to Restrict Mobile Data Usage

Hey there,

I bought Glasswire hoping i could easily achieve what I"m trying to do, but it’s not that obvious how to do it.

I use my mobile phone to tether to my laptop when I need to work away from the office, but I need to restrict the data that is allowed through that tethered connection. I’ve found in the past that automatic download/upload services (Google Drive, Windows Updates, Crashplan etc) can chomp through hundreds of megabytes or even gigabytes within minutes if unnoticed.

How can I use glasswire to prevent this happening? I’ve tried the “Ask to Connection” profile, but since many apps already have access, it doesn’t ask… perhaps a way to clear the remembered apps each time, that way i can choose what I allow to connect whenever i tether?

Or perhaps somebody has discovered another way to do this??

Thanks heaps

We’re working on adding “Profiles” in the future, where you can save a Firewall profile that only allows network access to Firefox for example but this is a ways off. For now Ask to connect mode is the best bet.

You could also use “Click to block” mode and just block everything besides the two or three apps you need, until you’re done.

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Thanks Ken… Profiles would be awesome, any idea how long until that feature will be ready?

As for using the Cilck to Block or Ask to Connect modes, yes I can use those but I’d have to click about 50 times to block everything each time, and then again to unblock them all. If they used different profiles then I could use one of them with all the apps blocked, and the other with them allowed… but they use the same so there’s no way around having to click a stupid amount of times each time. :frowning:

Perhaps an easier feature to implement which would achieve pretty much the same thing is a button to clear the remembered rules for the “Ask to Connect” profile… that way when I switch to mobile i can clear them and then whenever it asks I’ll just allow the ones i want.

Or even easier, a “select all” button to block every app, and then i can just unblock the ones i want to allow.

Many easy ways to make it so much more user-friendly… and quickly plug a hole in the featureset (by enabling a usable workaround while the more elegant option is being developed)

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It will be awhile for the profiles feature, sorry.

Any update on this? I would love a feature that makes it easy to block all comms and enable only those I want at certain times (eg: when tethering to my mobile), then to easily undo this option.

Surely it wouldn’t be difficult to add a “Block all Except…” dropdown, which shows the same as Click to Block but with everything selected… and then allow the user to unblock what they want to allow access??

Surely this is a feature that would boost sales as I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world with this exact requirement.


@jeeby We hope to release 2.0 in October.