Using GlassWire with Kaspersky Internet Security

I’m going to test GlassWire on an old computer, but on my new PC I have Kaspersky Internet Security running, so I don’t want to install GlassWire if it is going to interfere with KIS, could anyone advice if these two software are compatible? KIS already have firewall, I think GlassWire could extend it, the most wanted feature I want is network control more than the firewall

GlassWire does not interfere with any antivirus software that we know of. It’s possible that some antivirus software may interfere with GlassWire in some ways, but I run our helpdesk and I notice some of our customers do use Kaspersky.

In case they conflict, is there a way to disable firewall so I only use internet monitoring features?

Yes. Go to the Firewall tab and switch it to “Off” at the top left.

Thank you, I’ll try installing when I get home and will report any issue I encounter on this entry

For some time now on my machine, Kaspersky KIS has been blocking 360 Total Security’s access to querying the Cloud with the message “Malicious link blocked”, etc. Surely this has come to your attention before…?

What to do about it…

What has this got to do with GlassWire? KIS and 360TS are third-party products.

What it’s got to do is Glasswire is with 360 – and KIS is blocking it.

Besides the fact that the topic is about Kaspersky.

I understand that 360TS has the option to install GlassWire but 360TS is not developed or supported by GlassWire.

When I said “third-party product”, I mean that you are the first party, GlassWire is the second party who provides support for their own software, and 360TS is a third party outside of your relationship with GlassWire. 360TS has its own support infrastructure on their website .

@grok I’d contact Kaspersky and report a false positive to them here for 360 Total Security, and maybe include a screenshot. Thanks!

Yes, Glasswire is perfect with Kaspersky security. I am also using both and have no issues till now.

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is Kaspersky Security Cloud free compatible with Glass Wire free? pls check and let me know since free version of kaspersky does not offer firewall. pls be fast cuz I REALLY WANT TO USE GLASSWIRE!!!

I have not seen anyone report issues with Kaspersky/GlassWire working together in many years. If you see an issue please let us know what you find.

Worst case scenario, I can assure you that GlassWire will not interfere with Kaspersky.

ok, ty for information! i wil download glasswire now :slight_smile:

Thanks! Please let me know if you run into any issues.

Tried to use Glasswire pro with Kaspersky Security Cloud, but got some issues.
If I try to enable the firewall, it says that the firewall was disabled by Kaspersky and that the windows operating system firewall is disabled.
I can only get it working by disabling Kaspersky firewall, reducing my protection.
I havent tested it yet, but I believe maybe VoodooShield/ SecureAPlus works.

Any way I can use the two together?

do u hav free version of kaspersky security cloud? because premium version of kaspersky security cloud has firewall so u dont need glasswire and use only 1 antivirus. more antiviruses make ur pc to crash. if ur using a antivirus that does not provide firewall, glasswire is ur recommended solution.