Using Glasswire with Windows 10

I have Windows 10, 64 Bit running on my PC, with Kaspersky Internet Security, and have Glasswire Pro installed also. Kaspersky, by design, disables Windows 10 Defender (Firewall), and uses their own. I contacted Kaspersky about ability to disable their Firewall in order to be able to use Glasswire Firewall; and got the following response:

"Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent Kaspersky to not automatically disable Windows Defender Firewall. Because you cannot install two firewalls on your computer at the same time.
Also, you cannot use the GlassWire Network Security Monitor, while Kaspersky is running, because it may be the reason why Kaspersky will not function well on your computer.

I didn’t think Kaspersky was not functioning well; but have you heard of this, and do you have any suggestions (maybe use all the other Glasswire features)?

I have responded to Kaspersiy asking why they would think Kaspersky is not functioning with Glasswire installed, as it was not part of my question to them.


This article shows Kaspersky’s firewall can be disabled.

Lots of people choose to use GlassWire solely for its network security monitoring features. If you prefer to use the Kaspersky firewall that’s OK. You can keep GlassWire installed and it won’t cause any problems.

We use the Windows Firewall API to block, so our app uses limited resources and does not interfere with other firewalls or security software.