UWP app issues with "ask to connect" (not showing up, not actually initiating a connection after allowed, etc.)

UWP apps are essentially mounted as virtual harddisks without drive letters, this can be an issue for applications like GlassWire.

Example: image


I think in order to properly support UWP apps in “ask to connect”, GlassWire needs to be updated in order to support this new kind of application path. Either by allowing all applications with the name of that executable or by fully supporting Windows UWP Packages.

For instance, Nvidia’s Control Panel shows UWP applications like this:

Even when using “Click to block”, the way GlassWire interprets the executable path results in duplicate entries whenever Windows decides the switch up the location where the package is mounted (harddiskvolumeXX).

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It’s interesting you mentioned this because we’re actually working on this now! Great minds think alike. :slight_smile:

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