Very Disappointed

I was led to believe that purchasing this program would allow me
to monitor my network. I am using a Linksys router and I do not see
any devices such as ipads or laptops on my router.
I have tried unlocking all alerts but it is still not working.
Apparently you are aware of this problem. Dont you think you
should warn the customer of this before the purchase?

GlassWire allows you to monitor what devices are on your network under the “Network” tab. Your iPads and Laptops do not appear under “Network” after upgrading? Can you try rebooting your PC?

Sorry for any confusion.

I have rebooted a few times and nothing shows. Is the router considered my network?

Please type in “network” in “search windows” and go to the “network and sharing center” then click “view network computer and devices”. Does your computer show any devices there?

What type of network connection do you have with what type of router?

The Glasswire reps have acknowledged that the Network tab needs work and is being modified for the next version. All of my Android devices and any other device that is connected to my router (sole exception – my internet gateway which is another router – all appear in my Network tab. But they only show as an IP Addr and MAC with (sometimes) a manufacturer (not necessarily the device manufacture – like I said, needs work) or Unknown (not helpful, needs work).

It may not be possible for any software to determine the actual device name and/or manufacturer for a variety of reasons, but Glasswire has stated that, in the next version, they will allow “labelling” of each device as other applications do.

And yes, basically your router is your network. At least it is the network controller/manager. The router enables a subnet within any larger network (whether yours locally or a global internet). Glasswire can only work with devices which are connected directly to your subnet. Your iPads and other devices must be defined to your subnet (router) show up as part of the network. Glasswire will communicate only to the router to which the computer your use to run Glasswire is connected.

Is there more than one router involved in your “network”?

Edit: Ken, although my Android devices and other devices show up in Network, the Android items don’t show in my “View network computers and devices” with my router, other Windows computers, printers and even my AV receiver. I currently don’t have my Directv receiver or TV connected, but they have appeared in the past.