Very old dates on Alerts page

Just noticed that the most recent alerts recorded on my Alerts page go back to Dec 2021, even tho I know that there have been much more recent ones. Should I be concerned? I am using version 2.2. I’m a lifetime member and am hesitant to upgrade bc one time when I did that, my lic key didn’t work to re-establish my subscription and it was kind of a hassle to get that restored.

If you go to our top left menu and choose “About”, does it show you have a paid version? If not, please email me so I can help. Contact GlassWire

Also, you can go to our top left menu and choose “settings/security” to see what alerts you have on, and which ones you have disabled.

It says “Glasswire Elite” in the About area. I was an early subscriber and I think that is the name for the lifetime membership (one time fee) that I paid when it was offered, years ago.

I went into Settings and changed some of my settings adding “while you were away” (I turned on every function in the Security tab). I did have first activity checked already, and I am sure that thru AV upgrades, etc, I have had a few of those types of activities since Dec that were not in the current log.

In General Settings, I have everything enabled except Use System Time Format and Send Glasswire Alerts to Windows Event Log.

Let me know if I need to do anything else. Thanks for your help Ken.

Does it look like your main graph screen is updating? If so then I guess our Windows Service is running normally, and then everything should be OK.