Virtual Proxy to fetch usage

Just a small thing. I read quite a lot about that GlassWire can’t read out other devices network usage. I think there could be a quick workaround.

It could be pretty simple. What if you configure the Wifi of devices that it should connect to an host PC. From host pc to wifi router and to the internet. Same way back.
General all data need to go through the host machine. This way it should know who is who and even see usage and current usage of all devices which are linked to the host PC. This could be done with proxy.

GlasWire set up a virtual proxy server which other devices can connect to in the wifi settings.

This way literally any devices can connect to and can be displayed. It would be a quite good thing because you don’t have to install it on every devices (if it avaible tho) to have a good view of your network usage.

This will increase the ping time but generally that is quite good idea. Maybe you found a another way.
I’m haven’t purchased GlasWire jet because of this missing feature. It’s just a small thing. Also i’m not a programmer or sort of. I understand most code but coding myself is impossible to me. :slight_smile:

This just speculation!

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Neat idea! Thanks for your feedback and details.

I’m glad to give an idea to solve an problem or let’s say a requested feature. Even if you guys from GlassWure would find a way to read out packets out of the air it wouldn’t be possible with WPA4 if this is coming. But I guess this way there shouldn’t be any “big” problems from my understanding.

Remote connection gets almost useless if you find a way to fullfil the task. :slight_smile:

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This sort of feature has been discussed before. Windows has a standard feature to achieve this called Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), e.g.:

From my perspective, it is not a useful feature because I lose the most important feature of Glasswire which is the ability to monitor the processes on the connected PCs.

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