Virus or adware process, can not block

My problem is somewhat similar to this post

But I think I can find the “virus” with the ip host as in the attached image. I cant do anything on this, cant block it (even you can see on the image I blocked it). It runs continuously after an interval of 10 mins and it opens a web page

Really annoying, antivirus and antimalwares can not detect anything.
Anyone has an idea? Thank you in advance!

That IP address is a standard IPv4 address used for UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) to find devices on the network that can be automatically connected to like network printers and media servers.

You normally control UPnP access at your router. I always turn off UPnP because it has the potential to be misused by anyone on the Internet pretending to be on my network, i.e. spoofing.

You can read about it at Wikipedia:

And here is a detailed example of misuse:

P.S. From the info you provide, you don’t appear to have malware. Just an unwanted program that needs to be uninstalled.

That program is probably unrelated to that IP address

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I don’t understand very much about Information Technology field. But I think that everything including processes, if they are good, they show their information, especially windows’ processes. But this one is hidden. You see, no information about “System” program. It is suspicious!

Normally the Windows system process is not suspicious but it can be if it is not running from the Windows folder “C:\Windows\System32”.

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You’re right! I uninstalled the program and the web page did not pop up anymore. But I want to install the app and use firewall to block it.

Unfortunately, there may not be any other programs that provide what you get with PUSH Video Wallpaper, ie video wallpaper and screensaver for Windows, without using the Windows system process which you cannot block.


Thank you Remah! Much appreciate your answers!

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