VirusTotal auto-scan on new or updated apps only?

I love you have VirusTotal integration. But it seems to make more sense to only do auto-scans when a new program appears, or a previously tested program is updated (check MD5?). Otherwise, it seems like being able to choose whether to scan each time makes more sense for some people, and would make VirusTotal happier by reducing their load.


GlassWire has two VirusTotal options, one is manual file analysis (the default) and the other is automatic. Is that what you mean? You should uncheck the “automatically analyze” option to avoid automatic analysis.

Thanks for your feedback.

What I mean is a smart auto-scanner, I guess. So auto-scanning upon the running of a new program and when a program has been updated. Then, an option to either auto-re-scan a known program upon every launch, or not.

I understand why it may be good to auto-re-scan upon every single application launch, but I would just rather not be forced into a zero sum solution (i.e., either auto or manual, instead, I’d prefer a hybrid). I hope that makes sense.


I understand now. Sometimes VT has different analysis results over time, so that’s why we allow you to scan again to see the new results.

Also, GlassWire does not upload files multiple times, it just checks the hash.

Yeah, I get that as AV definitions are updated and improved a file that was ‘clean’ could be found to be infected. But, if you’re only checking the hash at VT, and the last scan was say, four weeks ago, that seems to defeat the purpose of re-scanning to see if updated definitions find problems in a previously scanned file.

Maybe something like if n days have passed since the last can, the file is to be scanned again (not just checking for the hash).