Virustotal flagging glasswire as virus

Downloaded glasswire software version, glasswire-setup-3.3.504-full.exe from the official glasswire website.
Virus total is flagging it as virus, please clarify

VirIT Win32.Cheburgen.A

please let me know how to share/upload screenshots of virustotal report on this forum. I dont see any link to upload files.

where did you download your glasswire from?

the version from the main download page Version 3.3.504
SHA256: 4a9ee500ae637efbd1583b1cde31bc7557ecc49af4a180a64d810ddae3b24d78
shows clean on virus total

link to scan -

Krevvy your shown result is 11 days old. If you press reanalyze it will be 1/58 now (at least at the time I write it here).
A lot of software has 1-2 false positives on Virus Total it just happens.

In general: When in doubt just don’t install and instead reanalyze in 3 days.

ah so true! i did upload the .exe but it must of just cached the result…
pressed reanalyse and some crap unheard of Italian engine gave a probable falsie positive

i dont use gw anymore but id be quite happy to install it again from those results… wtf is virit? some very bad looking Italian trashware

made me laugh anyway looking at their site and their stretched logos how they are “specialists”

reminds me of protegant Protegant (Original Ad) - YouTube