VirusTotal scans

W10 Famille - 21H1 - 19043. 1826 / GW Basic 2.3.440 (FW Off)


It seems that VirusTotal scans are no longer working since July 28, either automatically or on demand.

Hello :slight_smile:

Please note that we are working on the activation issues and the fix will be available at the nearest time.

May I ask you to email the logs og your GlassWire, so the support Team and the GW Engineering could have them checked for you?

Instructions to produce the logs are below:

  • Stop GlassWire service.
  • Open C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service-full\glasswire.conf as administrator.
  • Set parameter: LogEnabled = true
  • Save the file and start GlassWire service.
  • After the problem is reproduced, email us resulting file from the “C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service-full\log” folder.

Thank you!


I sent you the requested log files.

Seems to be working for me in the USA, I am running GW Pro

You may be infected with something, or some geographical block is interfering.

Here go to my web site and look at the possible alternatives you could use
Fortunately Virustotal is not the only game in town these days.

I think I have a good AV on my laptop (Bitdefender). So, I am not particularly worried about a possible infection.
I did a test using VirusTotal via the web and it works.
The problem I have is calling VirusTotal from GW.

Working fine here. Just tested it.

GlassWire Pro 2.3.413 on Windows 10 Pro, with Microsoft Defender AV.

I had modified a rule in my FW on 28/07 which prevented VT consultations by GW.