VMware Workstation Licensing Question


Just purchased and installed VMware Workstation 14.0 for my Windows 10 Professional which is hosted by my Windows 7 Professional OS.

As I have not purchased Glasswire yet (though I do like it…), can I install a single license on both the Host and a Guest? Reason I ask this is I only use one at a time as I have some apps that work far better on Windows 10 and others that work great on Windows 7 (and I like Windows 7 a lot…like many people!)

What’s the “Glasswire” licensing law say on this??


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To run on two machines simultaneously you should probably get GlassWire Pro. Otherwise you can go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “deactivate” before moving it to the VM, then do the same before moving it back.

Hi Ken,

Kind of thought so. The people at Revo Uninstaller Pro allowed me to use one license for both the Host (Windows 7) and the Guest (Windows 10). However, I understand that is their choice. Yours (Glasswire) is to charge for two separate licenses even though it is one machine and one user.


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Sorry for the problem. We will look at alternative licensing options in the future to help people like you.