VPN Encryption and Glasswire

So, I use VPN with Firefox browser.

After my VPN active, I try browsing for some time and then check “Usage” tab > Firefox. And all of my visited website appear there.

Question is why it can happen? Is that mean that my VPN failed to encrypt my browsing activity?

But when I check it with wireshark, all safe and enceypted.

Hi anyanya,

Thank you for this post.

Since you have a second VPN, it could be the reason for the issue. Android only allows one VPN at a time, and a VPN is the only method we can use to block apps. So, could you please try the following:

  1. Make sure the second VPN is definitely not active;
  2. Uninstall GlassWire;
  3. Restart your phone;
  4. Reinstall GlassWire and see if the issue still persists.

Thanks again, best regards!

Forgot to say that my case is on windows, and that’s not what I ask.

My concern is, I use VPN on Windows, then I try open Glasswire > Usage > Firefox, and all of my browsing activity appear. Is that mean that my VPN fail to encrypt my connection?

But when I check with Wireshark, all connection encrypted with WireGuard and no leaks.

Can you explain what data show in Usage > Browser? Is it Local DNS Cache?

This doesn’t fixed my above problem.