VPN on Android closes down firewall

After blocking some apps with firewall ON I noticed that after starting a VPN connection (external) the firewall closes down to OFF (and stays there) . Is this to be expected - an interference with the internal VPN?


Android has a limitation where it can only use one VPN at a time (local or remote). We agree it’s frustrating also.

Unfortunately using a VPN is the only method we have to block apps with Android.

Ok. Thanks for the information. As long as a user using a vpn-client is aware of the this problem it’s manageable.

Thanks for the clarification. This is what I suspected and it is an unfortunate situation. I would love to run my VPN side by side with Glasswire, but sadly this will not be possible until Google update Android to allow a local VPN before the data is passed to a standard VPN package.

As my VPN is more important to me than Glasswire’s fantastic service, it means that I have uninstalled Glasswire for now as I just have too many problems running them side by side.

Sorry Glasswire :frowning:

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We are researching a solution for the future, but it’s very complex and it will take us awhile to investigate and it may still be technically impossible. Thanks for your feedback and patience.

Meanwhile GlassWire Android is still very useful even if you don’t block anything. You’ll know every time a new app accesses the network and starts using crazy amounts of data to do suspicious things, or slows your phone to a crawl.