WebCam and microphone security

Can anyone assist me wth enabling webcam and microphone security, I tried the below and I did not find the options.

Check out the screenshot at the top of this email to see how our webcam and microphone notifications work. After you [upgrade to GlassWire’s paid version] be sure and go to your settings then click the “security” section to enable this feature.


Could you forward that email to me so I can fix it?

We had to remove this functionality over a year ago after we found Microsoft changed their webcam systems. The changes made reliably detecting mic/webcam usage impossible.

I think some others still claim to be able to detect this but we weren’t willing to offer something that isn’t reliable, and due to changes the detection that can be done is no longer reliable. I apologize for the removal of the feature.

When we made that change we removed all mention of this feature from our order pages and website.

It is not an email it was advertised on a blog post on medium and there is also mention of it onr your site.



Sorry, we don’t have a Medium page so it must be an old review that’s out of date from someone. If you are upset about this feel free to email us or message me privately.

I apologize. I also agree it was a cool feature but we can’t do it technically reliably due to Windows changes, so it doesn’t make sense for us to lie and pretend it works when it won’t. Unfortunately other apps do that sometimes… :frowning:

You can update the GlassWire blog to either remove this post or to advise that the feature is now deprecated:


I fixed it, thanks!

I’m not upset, I was only looking for it and could not find it so I decided to ask.

I’m happy with the product.