Weird traffic types shown in Traffic Monitor

This must be some issue Glasswire interpreting traffic no? I don’t have installed battle net or Teamviewer etc. Or this is on PC some HP service, i don’t have any of that on my pc…

Dear @glasswire65481 Thank you for your message.

When an application connects to a host it opens a connection to a port on a remote host. There are some well-known ports that are usually used for specific purposes. For example, port 443 is used for HTTPS connections, 80 for HTTP, 53 for DNS etc. GlassWire monitors the remote port of each connection and classifies the traffic based on its value.

As a result, GlassWire can accurately identify traffic for applications that predominantly use standard ports, such as browsers that primarily utilize HTTPS traffic. However, it’s worth noting that some apps often use non-standard ports associated with other software, such as Teamviewer application, may lead to less accurate identification by GlassWire.