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What’s GlassWire?
GlassWire is software that helps to protect your computer and privacy by monitoring your network activity. To download GlassWire please visit https://www.glasswire.com/download.

What’s this forum about?
This forum is for GlassWire users to discuss the GlassWire software, ask for help, submit ideas, give feedback, and discuss Internet related security and privacy issues.

GlassWire Help
To get help with GlassWire check out our help page or post your question here.

Questions & Answers
Unfortunately we don’t always know the answer to your questions, especially if they are super technical but we’ll try our best. If we don’t answer you it’s probably because we don’t know the answer. We’re not ignoring you on purpose.

Please don’t spam the board or post links to possible live malware or malicious hosts. If you choose to link to a third party application, website, or file it’s possible your link will be removed for security reasons. Be kind to others!

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