What all layers of security do you implement with glasswire?

What all layers of security do you implement for your windows environment ?

I run OSSEC, and I harden all of my Windows(1) Installations, along with Debian boxes. I run Windows solely on my Consulting rig. As much as I live GW, I only keep windows for some clients I have. For outer security I have a pfsense router, on the outside of a managed switch. I have a pretty strict set of firewall rules, and open ports.

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I barely use anything after 40 years in IT. I rarely use GlassWire’s firewall features and only occasionally the IP lookup.

I have the default Windows 10 AV and use VirusTotal to check hyperlinks and files before I pass them on. But +1 for pfsense which I used to use.

I use GlassWire because I like it not because I need it. The range of alerts is handy. Also having it quietly working in the background to give me stats when I eventually need them.

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