What colors represent what?

Hi. I am new to Glasswire and I love the program and what it has to offer, but can someone tell me what colors represent what (like app data, etc…) I would appreciate it.

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Like orange, etc… What colors represent what?


Go to the graph screen, then look at the arrows that point up/down on the left side. One color represents a download, and the other an upload. It depends what skin you use.

Oh ok. Thank you for the info!

The (unofficial?) standard red and green as a color option would eliminate much confusion and, again, make quick glances more efficient. I can’t understand reluctance to a simple color add.

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We will add more colors in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

You may want to give feedback here so it isn’t forgotten https://forum.glasswire.com/t/future-feature-requests

I added it to that thread several weeks ago. Thanks.

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I agree about the Red and Green. I am using the latest 2.x BETA, and still do not see this color option.

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We will look at adding a red/green theme. Sounds Christmasy. :slight_smile: