What does Glasswire analyze?

What does Glasswire analyze?
Where do the elements of the tool reside?
Is it distributed too?
Is a server required?
Does the tool use agents?
What is the purpose of the tool?
What are the configuration requirements?
What data is gathered by the tool? (the data must be useful to a Security Team)
How will the Security Team use the data?
Why is this tool important to a Security Team?
How is the data analyzed?

We have a detailed features page here that may be more useful for you to answer these questions in detail with images and comments.

You can try GlassWire free for 7 days. Just download our software, then try out the “get started” guide.

GlassWire is a unique type of software so using it while reading our help guide will allow you to understand it the best.

We never see any of your data usage information because it never leaves your PC.

In detail, What does Glasswire analyze, and how does data get process through GlassWire?


Is this for a school/University paper of some sort? If so, I believe using the application with its free trial and reading the documents above should allow you to complete the project. I wish you good luck and thanks for learning about GlassWire!