What happens when physical memory runs out?

I would like to launch a debate or a discussion.
From my experience of 2 years and half now of this app, I don’t think our crashes problems are resulting from a third party program.

I think this is bad management in the source code of ressources management.
My crashes have always usually intervened when the RAM is eaten up.
I know it’s the OS responsability since the memory is all virtualized, to drop code segment from ram to swap etc. But there is one responsability which is delegated to the dev in C++ for example, it’s the allocation of memory. And I think there is a problem into the dynamic allocation of memory. Somewhere in the code, maybe the database code since it’s proprietary as declared earlier, there is a lack of memory at some point and so the value are changing from something to null because of corruption due to lack of memory.
Or the other possibility is that windows is that bad at managing the virtual memory that it doesn’t move code segment correctly, maybe due to an incompatibility with the database proprietary code.

Tell me what you think.
But from what I can see whether it’s my low end tablets device with 16G or any high end pc with 32G it’s always at the verge where ram is fully occupied that the database/core server is crashing are beginning to write corrupt data.

Even if some would consider that’s PC bad management, nowadays it shouldn’t matter how much process you have started because kernels are smart enough to manage. Only if you indeed need a low latency environment for some software like games, if it’s for développement or IT or whatever other works even virtual machines it should not matter. Plus in Linux set of mind, the idea has always been that RAM should at all time be fully occupied even if it’s by OS cache and clearly windows is doing that for a couple of years too now.

A good question.

Many of us other users don’t seem to have the high CPU or memory usage or crashes which are frustrating some users like yourself.

But I don’t think it is a memory leak maxing out memory because that would be more likely to happen to more users.

  • I’m only running with either 4 or 8GB RAM so I’d be expected to get this more often than you with 16 or 32GB.
  • Two of my machines have the lowest Intel CPU. So I’m wondering what other differences there are:

Do you always run Bitlocker on your low-end laptops?

I do think that you’re probably right that there is some interaction with Glasswire. You are running a lot of system/encryption/network software which I don’t run so it is probable there could be some unusual interactions which 99% of the rest of us don’t get.

I’m also wondering if you have more info on the type of page faults you were getting when you asked a couple of months ago? Or did you determine that page faults were not an issue?

Anyway, were the page faults happening on your low-end computers?

I have a Win10 Pro system (Core 2 Duo E8400) and a Win7 Home system (i5-2something), both with 4GB, a Win7 Home (i7-3770K) with 8GB and a Win10 Pro (i9-9900K) with 16GB, all running GW Elite. They all run a boatload of apps, like 12-16 systray icons before I even whip up a browser, word processing, RSS, etc. Never had memory issues.

On the 16GB system I’m on now, I’ve 164 processes open and 7.4GB available.

Even if you paid me, I wouldn’t know what else to run to run out of memory. So, don’t know what happens when physical memory runs out. :slightly_smiling_face:


Basically, you’re done!