What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is a measure of the rate of transfer for incoming or outgoing data.

In GlassWire, bandwidth is measured over different time periods in the various Graph and Usage views. It is also used for the bandwidth overage monitor.

Rate of data transfer per second

GlassWire uses bandwidth for measuring the rate of data transfer in units such as kbps (kilobits per second) Mbps (megabits per second) or Gbps (gigabits per second).

Total data transfer over longer periods

GlassWire also uses bandwidth as the measure of total data transferred over a longer period than a second. Over longer periods, bandwidth becomes a measure of total data transferred, e.g. in a month.

  • For the bandwidth overage monitor alert, the total bandwidth would be set by you to match your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) billing period for your Internet connection.

  • In the Graph and Usage views the time period varies depending upon the view you choose:

Usage view Time period
5 minutes 1 second
3 hours 1 minute
24 hours 5 minutes
Week 10 minutes
Month 3 hours
Unlimited 24 hours

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Bandwidth is the total range of frequency required to pass a specific signal that has been modulated to carry data without distortion or loss of data.


I haven’t seen that definition since early in my engineering degree … a long time ago. :smile: But it’s not the only definition of bandwidth.

If we were signal processing or directly working with analogue signals then it would be appropriate.

Instead, we’re using the primary meaning of the term in computing. This is commonly called data or digital bandwidth and is measured by the bit rate.

At this level we don’t have to be directly concerned with signal modulation (and demodulation) as used by such devices as our network modems over copper lines (ADSL, VDSL), cable and optical fibre.