What is Glasswire!?

I am admittedly a little confused on just what Glasswire is exactly. I thought it was software that helped manage and control your entire network and ALL devices connected to it. Indeed, it does show all the devices connected to my network, (cameras, mobile phones, computers, etc.).

But it doesn’t seem to allow me to do anything with that information. For instance, I can’t seem to ban or remove a device from the network. I can Rename it or Forget it. But Forgetting it just seems to remove it from the Glasswire list. (And it reappears later when it reconnects).

I also thought it would let me monitor ALL network traffic. But it seems to only keep track of the traffic going back and forth to the network from my desktop computer where I have Glasswire installed.

Can anyone help me understand if it’s possible to do the things I think I can’t do (i.e. control, manage and block all devices connected to the network - not just apps on my own computer). I’m using the paid version.


your network security would be done at your router level e.g creating vlans to segregate and secure your network (keeping things like insecure iOT devices/cameras/smartmeters/streaming devices from your trusted network)

Glasswired its more a gui/frontsend for windows firewall and installed per device allow you to stop applications from accessing the internet.
(it can be done by manually creating rules in windows firewall) but glasswire has a nice gui to make it simpler and easier.

Glasswire has nothing to do with your overall network security (thats your router/firewall/vlans etc)

Its just a nice GUI to show what apps your device that has glasswire installed on is accessing and allows simple way to block them, and log them

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Oh! Thank you so much for the explanation! I obviously had no idea. But that makes sense now that I’ve used it for a while.

Thanks again for your time in writing a response to me.