What is new in 2.3.444?

Looked for a link to list What’s New in 2.3.444 ?

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Not sure what is new but after I upgraded just now I can no longer resize the window and I HATE how big it is. I am on a very limited bandwidth and I keep the program open constantly but I also keep something open behind it and now the other program is covered to the point it’s pointless having both open. I require both open. I want both open. I want to resize Glasswire to the size it was before. I dont’ want it this big :frowning: They also changed the Alerts page and I don’t like the new design there either. I liked the "Mark All Read’ over the to right where it always was, not centered. They also renamed the Local & Online traffic on the Usage tab to “Lan” & “Wan” instead. I don’t like any of these changes and I might just downgrade it to be honest. I have my old installer for the last version still. I don’t like this new one at all.

Editing to add it’s still not recording the bandwidth correctly either. After an update it shows 2.3GB of bandwidth was downloaded yet my ISP after a few hours only shows about 300MB used. MASSIVE difference there clearly. An update yesterday did the same thing. Glasswire still shows double or more bandwidth usage instead of the actual usage downloaded. This is not just from comparing my ISP usage and Glasswire usage, this is also from common sense with the download sizes themselves. THe update yesterday was roughly 500MB yet Glasswire recorded 1.1GB for that download alone. Clearly wrong :frowning: The program used to record correctly back in the day, but within the last 2-3 years or so the numbers stopped adding up :frowning: