What is the AzureWave Technology device on my network? Is it safe?


I have a connected device in my element tab, that is not mine (azurewave technology)

Is there a way to block this device from using my network?


AzureWave Technology is usually a WiFi card for an IOT (Internet of Things) device of some type.

I went ahead and searched the web for this device name and I found that it could be:
A Playstation (PS4)
A Sprinkler System (yes really!)
iRobot Roomba
A mowing robot
A Chromecast device

Do you have any of these devices? If not I believe the easiest solution would be to change your Wifi password. It really doesn’t matter if you could block the device because if someone else knows your WiFi password they will continue to add devices, and maybe even sniff and spy on your network.

I hope this helps with your issue!

If anyone new is reading this then this message is about GlassWire’s IOT (Things) detection which shows what devices are on your WiFi or Ethernet network. You can download GlassWire here for free to try it out Download Firewall Software by GlassWire.

GlassWire can also warn you if a new unknown device joins your wifi network. Go to the top left menu and choose “settings” then “security” then “Things Monitor” then check “Notify me” and “report only new unknown devices”.