What is WAN and LAN?

Hey guys before that I am a novice in networking and stuff, I just wanted a tool to monitor data usage in my PC and for that reason I am using Glasswire, so what is WAN and LAN here in traffic monitor section, where as I have only connected to router but not any other connection cable, so why the traffic monitor shows data have been transferred in LAN?, kindly resolve my query and thanks in advance

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wide area (internet)
local area (local network)


Do you know Wikipedia ?

Yeah thats what I am asking I didnt connect with any lan (local network), only the wan?

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Yes, you would be connecting to WAN. :grinning:

Some applications and services on your PC might communicate with each other or with devices on your local network. For example, file sharing, printer sharing, or streaming between devices on your home network would be categorized as LAN traffic. The router acts as a gateway between your local network (LAN) and the external network, which could be the internet (WAN). Even if you’re not directly accessing the internet, your data might be going through the router, and GlassWire might categorize it as LAN traffic.

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