What really advantajes offer me glasswire free over windows firewall

I have kaspersky free and like to have a firewall. What exactly glasswire does. If i install the free version it offer me advantajes over windows firewall?. What diferences are between paid and free?, The firee version is useless?. Help


The free version should come with a 7 day free trial. Did you not get to try the trial, or did you try it before?

Our paid vs free features are here https://www.glasswire.com/buy/. Thanks.

Sorry i did not want to use the free trial, i only want to know what andvantajes offer me the free version over the windows firewall.
What give me Glasswire?
In your link only see what are the diferences between paid plans and not between free and paid.
I like the user interface but do not understand what is the advantaje to have Glasswirefree

I’m sorry to hear you did not want to try our free trial.

To see the advantages of GlassWire check our features list https://www.glasswire.com/features/. GlassWire is a historical network security monitor that looks for unusual changes in applications, and makes these hidden changes all visible to you.

GlassWire has the ability to detect bandwidth hogging apps, and malware that antivirus apps can miss… as shown in this Blog post https://blog.glasswire.com/2014/09/16/glasswire-visualizes-malware/.

Although there are some significant advantages to the full version, even once the trial expires, I found 2 big benefits in GlassWire over the Windows Firewall. First, it exposes what programs are accessing the network. Although the traffic is allowed, it at least permits you to see the horse has left the barn (so to speak) and you can bring other tools to bear after you discover you have a problem. Secondly, you can use the VirusTotal module to have all programs accessing the network checked at VirusTotal.com for malware. A killer feature. Again, it is catching a problem AFTER you have one, but at least you can quickly find out you have a problem and bring other tools (such as multiple, free, web-based antivirus tools, to bear against the problem.

Of course the paid version will allow you to block these problems BEFORE they can access the network.


Glasswire Free is not a firewall, except during the free trial period.

After the trial, it offers some great traffic monitoring tools, but you will need to set your firewall rules manually in Windows Firewall. So it is still a benefit to use GW Free with Windows Firewall. It lets you observe things you would miss otherwise.

Using the full version make things so much simpler though. Click to allow (with deny by default) is the safest way to run your computer.

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