What Windows antivirus do you use? (2018)

On main pc win 10 : kaspersky anti virus and Voodooshield paid
on laptop and ultrabook : eset nod 32

of course, Glasswire on third.
All run smoothy together.

Hi All,

I currently use Bit Defender, Emsisoft, and run Rogue Killer semi-frequently. All paid versions. *When using Bit Defender the firewall option for Glasswire is deactivated. However, if you have the “Ask to Connect” option selected, it does prompt you when an app or service attempts to connect to the internet.
In case you are interested in purchasing anti-virus/malware, check out https://www.av-comparatives.org/consumer/
It provides up to date test results on some of the major AV/Malware providers. Many sites promote various products. Take a look and decide based on their performance.

Sorry for the re-post…forgot I had already replied :slight_smile:


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Avast + windows security. Had Kaspersky, but it took a lot of my attention.

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I use Waterfox & Firefox browsers , Firefox with no additional security apps for websites that require access to your details and Waterfox for general surfing the web.
Waterfox has UBO & uMatrix +ABP .
Contrary to perceived wisdom UBO & uMatrix dont perform exactly the same tasks ,I also have spent some time in -about : config removing additional tracking which is a big plus in an open system type browser as opposed to a closed one where conditions are set and cant be altered.
I can confirm those security measures work.


Thanks for sharing your experience, Duncan. I didn’t hear about Waterfox till date. Will try it - new thing for me :slight_smile:

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ESET Smart Security on the desktop, Avira Antivirus Free on the laptop for now (it’s annoyingly intrusive). I do also still use as much of the Windows Defender system as I can for redundancy, though ESET does deactivate the firewall in favour of its own. McAffee VirusScan came preinstalled on the laptop, and it’s more trouble to remove than it’s worth, so that’s on there, lol!

Also, I have herdProtect installed on both machines, and run a regular scan with that, just to be safe.

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Win10: Windows Defender + Malwarebytes Paid
Win7: Bitdefender Free

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i’m using avast pro antivirus since more than 5 years, i could say it is the most up to dated and efficient anti virus in the market, it also protects your browser safety and cleans up junk and non-usable data from the system.


Personally I don’t use one, and haven’t in about 10 years. Even then I wouldn’t have anything installed, and would just run a periodic scan with Malwarebyes if something seemed odd. I’ve always been one to play it safe on the webs, and just layer my security.

Glasswire definitely made it easier lol



If I had to choose, it would be the (for some reason not listed at all) Malwarebytes.

Sorry, Malwarebytes was not listed under Windows AV in the Wikipedia article I referenced - it is there for Mac though:

I expect to create new and improved polls in June:

  • reduce Windows list to 19 plus Others option. Include any major AVs that were omitted such as Malwarebytes
  • new poll for free vs paid
  • probably new Mac and Android polls

Thanks for sharing this post. it’s very helped us

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I use an exellent and very different AV system that I haven’t noticed mention of here - SecureAPlus. It works both as a program whitelisting program and as a meta-AV, using a whole gaggle of more widely-known AVs (online), together with a machine-learning system called APEX. By its very nature it does give periodical alerts when unknown programs are installed, but personally I find that reassuring because it’s showing me that it’s doing its job. At any alert I can check up on the safety or otherwise of the program, and then can click the appropriate button to whitelist it as trusted (rather than having to go into a list and jump through hoops to add it to that list.

As it is a very effective and easy-to-use program whitelisting system, theoretically it could stop any malware of any kind in its tracks, provided one applies due care about responding to alerts. While I regard the watertightness of that system as theoretical rather than an absolute reality, it is still a pretty strong layer in my multi-layered security system

SAP has a very generous free trial period (it was a whole year when I started with it) and commendably low subscription cost after that.

I wouldn’t recommend SAP, though, for people who are liable to click too readily on an ‘allow’ or ‘trust’ button!

For behavioural blocking, I find Malwarebytes tiresomely system-heavy, so for the moment am using Zemana Anitmalware (the new v.3 beta) and also trialling OSArmor - intending to run just one of those once I’ve decided which to keep. Cost may be a deciding factor, as OSArmor is free.

I do have to say, though, that OSA is a pig to deal with when I have program installations that create intermediary scripts in stupid places like one’s appdata folder. Creating exclusions is such a tiresome business that now, if I get an installation (that I myself trust) trigger an alert because of a script it’s created, I simply disable OSA temporarily - not a good state of affairs, having to do that!

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I use and personally would recommend using default vpn from windows defender. Its far more secure and efficient than any 3rd part VPNs.

ALso do not ever use free VPN because are famous for keeping logs and breaching user privacy and sell those data to third party for some dollars :confused:

Did I miss seeing Malwarebytes? It is an AV program, not just malware or PUPS. I’ve found it to be more effective than Norton Security Online which is the AV Comcast provides for free.

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As above:

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My Sec. Config:
Windows Defender
and GlassWire :heartbeat:


I am using Reason Core Security Antivirus. It is really very easy to use and also provides privacy protection solution that everyone must have.

Kaspersky all the way. Honestly speaking I was never fond of anti-virus as it always gave me false positive warning so I genuinely turned anti-viruses off but after I entered the professional field, I realized that anti-virus is really useful, I use Kaspersky as it was recommended by many friends and websites like xtendedview
I also recommend you to use Kaspersky but feel free to use others as well.