What Windows antivirus do you use? (2021)

Here is the 2021 poll for the anti-virus/anti-malware (AV) products you run on your Windows computers. See the 2020 poll.

Important: Neither GlassWire or myself are not recommending any of the companies or products listed in this poll which is why the links are only to Wikipedia.

Click on this to see the details and differences from the 2019 Windows AV poll
  • One poll of 60 options which includes most of the AV publishers I could find.
  • Five votes so you can include offline scanners you also use.
  • Each vote remains public so others can see what you have voted for.
  • This poll will automatically close in the first day of 2022.
  • The options are an alphabetical list of publishers rather than products. Other is the last option.
  • Where a product may not be known by the publisher name I’ve also added the brand name e.g. “VIPRE (also ThreatTrack)”
    • Where a brand may be much better known than the publisher, I have used that e.g. “nProtect (by INCA)”.
    • Subsidiaries are separate if they have enough profile. AVG, for example, is owned by AVAST but I have kept is as a separate option so we can see the figures. Another example used to be Symantec and Norton
      but this has been resolved because the Symantec company has split: the consumer AV division became NortonLifeLock been; and the enterprise AV division was bought by Broadcom which also got the Symantec brand.
  • All links are to Wikipedia articles. This is for safety because, in the past, AV makers have gone out of business and their websites have been used for malicious purposes. But this does mean that several publishers don’t have articles on Wikipedia so there is no link unless it is to an AV article where they are mentioned.
  • If you have suggestions or issues with what I’ve included or omitted then leave a reply and I can look at these suggestions/issues when we create the 2022 poll.

Select up to five of these AV publishers. If you can’t find your publisher in the poll then check “Other” and add a post/reply to tell us the name of the publisher or the product.

Thanks for participating.

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McAfee is in the poll so you can vote for it.

For all the people using Windows Defender maybe take a look at configure defender.
It let’s you activate a lot of dormant MS Defender settings without the need to activate them via registry settings or group policy’s.

Links and a few pics

Download ConfigureDefender - MajorGeeks
Windows Defender configuration tool ConfigureDefender released - gHacks Tech News

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I loved to read this blog, it’s very effective use windows antivirus in all devices.
Thank you so mush for sharing with us.

It seems to me that WDefender AV is different between W10 Home and W10 Pro and that it would be more efficient on W10 Pro.
Is it really the case?

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No difference. Hardware could be a factor like CPU and Hard-drive/SSD and in some cases Memory speed.

I’m using Avast Antivirus. It’s amazing.

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I’m using Windows Defender!

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I run both Windows Pro and Home editions and I haven’t noticed any difference. So I’d be interested if you find something.

And I can’t think of any of the Pro features (app access control, Bitlocker, etc) which might contribute to such a difference.

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Thanks for your reply.

I got this link which is unfortunately in French :


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