When sorting the graph by app, the top apps should be color coded to show how much of the graph is dedicated to each app separately

So currently, we only see two colors, the upload and download info. There is an option to sort by apps, traffic, and publishers. When you click on these to sort by their respective names, when you see the combined graph, it would be absolutely hugely beneficial to see that “chrome” is using 80% by highlighting it in let’s just say blue, and that Steam is using the remaining 20% be highlighting it in let’s just say red. You can click on each app individually to see exactly how much each one is using independently, so the information is already being tracked, but when I sort by app and have all apps selected, there’s no reason it should show you the exact same information had you just been looking at the original graph. It should highlight and divide the graph by app. The only issue I could see is like in mine, there’s 12 apps using data, and most are miniscule amounts of data, this can be fixed by pooling all the lowest apps into one category of “other”, with a threshold of let’s just say 10%, so if there’s 6 apps using less than 10% cumulatively, they all show as the same color, then all the big haunchos using large portions separately can be identified easily.

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Thanks for your feedback. We’ll work to improve sorting in the future, and we’ll investigate giving more emphasis in our stats to data hogs.