Where do I find my license activation code?

This pass weekend I had to reformat my hard drive. After doing the reformat and reinstalling GlassWire
In my account setting it shows that the free version and not Premium that I paid for. I have look around and cant find where my activation code is , as it not in my billing details.

Could someone please help me?

This is what I see online in my endpoints!

You should have received an email with your purchase and it should have your activation code. :slight_smile:

That info was on the hard drive that crashed. No info on hard drive was recoverable.
I have looked through all of my saved emails and can’t find it. My hard drive trashed itself and I was unable to get any of my files off of it. I lost images, docs and backup files that were still on the drive and hadn’t been backed up.

I do I get my account working again?

yeah im in the same boat and you can forget getting a refund from these crooks !

Hi @IDontHave1,

I can see from your screenshot that you have a Premium license there for you do not have an activation code. As we can see from your screenshot of the endpoints page, there are 2 devices listed, the top one has the license “Premium” and is “offline”, the bottom one has the license Free and is online. Please delete the top endpoint which is marked as offline, this will release the Premium license and you will then be able to use to upgrade the remaining endpoint.

Please note that you can always email help@glasswire.com where we respond and resolve these issues almost immediately.


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Hi @Batpup,

Please see my latest reply. If you still have issues then please email our support team help@glasswire.com.


Thank you so much Katie for all the. It just took a few sec to fix my problem and now everything working again.

Again TX

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I think Katie can help you.