Where Oh Where is the Forum Link in the UI?

Hi. I just now noticed that the link to the Glasswire Forum is no longer on the dropdown list. Why is that? Being that it was such a convenient place for it, what plans have you for that link’s return to the dropdown list? Thank you.

Maybe because too many issues posted on the forum? It looks bad for newcomers with simple questions.

I’m not sure that’s a negative thing though. After all, it is a user forum and the users are actively posting their opinions and wishes, both good and not-so-good. I’m certain the developers appreciate both sides. I would just like to see the forum link return to being more easily accessible as in the bygone days, without the additional mouse clicks.

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Hi @csdfg2

Thank you for your message. We made these changes to streamline our navigation and provide a more comprehensive help experience. The direct link to the GlassWire Forum was removed from the dropdown list over one year ago. Instead, we have one link to our “Help” section, which now includes direct links to multiple resources such as the forum, FAQs, user guides, and more.

Our goal with this change is to ensure that users can easily find the help they need, whether it’s through the forum or other support materials. We believe this approach makes it easier for users to access a variety of resources in one central location.

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